Thursday 8 May 2008

Olympic flame summits Mt. Qomolangma

I turned on the TV this morning just as the Olympic flame was being carried up the last 100m of Mt. Qomolangma (the Tibetan name for Mt. Everest), the world's highest peak. The media here has been anticipating this for weeks, probably since the torch relay began. While it seemed like a good gimmick I have to admit to a little bit of apprehension: it was hard to imagine the climbers calling of the summiting attempt, no matter how bad the weather was. How could you fail after building it up so much?

Luckily the weather looked good and they made great time to the top. And watching the footage I had to admit it was a fairly powerful image and pretty memorable achievement.

In looking into the torch relay, I discovered I had missed this leg of the Sydney torch relay: another unique gimmick.

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