Sunday 1 March 2009

Seaside on Industry Misinterpretations

I spent some time this afternoon talking to James Robertson and Michael Lucas-Smith of Cincom for the Industry Interpretations podcast (episode 125). We talked a bit about the history of Seaside, partial continuations, the goals for the next release of Seaside, and some of the challenges (like getting debugging working). And probably some other things I've forgotten.

In fact, I know for certain that when we finished recording there was something I wished I had mentioned. I figured I'd blog about it when I posted about the podcast but, of course, now I have no idea what it was...

Update: The thing I forgot to mention on the podcast was another difference between a partial continuation and a full continuation. Evaluating a full continuation replaces the entire stack of the running process; a partial continuation can be evaluated—much like a block—so that, on completion, it returns to the context where it was evaluated.

On an unrelated note: I'm toying with the idea of making the trek to Potsdam for the German Squeak users meeting. Any other Seasiders planning to attend or have any idea how much someone with only elementary German would get out of it? :)


Ramon Leon said...

I really enjoyed that interview, you should really do more.

Documenting the vision and an intended usage of Seaside doesn't necessarily have to be done through writing, podcasts like this are great.

Julian Fitzell said...

Thanks, Ramon. That's a good point. I would be happy to do more; I don't quite have a vision of how it would be structured but I'll give it some thought.

Anonymous said...

Hi Julian

woud be cool if you came around to Potsdam. Most of the talks might be in German, but we would love to have English talks as well... ;-)
And: Most of the attending people speak English quite well, so the unconf on Sunday and the fun parts of Saturday (enough time for pub and one-on-one talks) you should be fine.


Markus Gälli