Wednesday 2 September 2009

Seaside 3.0 and Documentation

For those who aren't at ESUG this year and missed Lukas' tweet, we announced yesterday that the Seaside 2.9 alpha series will become Seaside 3.0 when we go to beta.

We feel the name is well earned: a cleaner architecture, increased flexibility, better documentation, improved portability, and jQuery support make Seaside 3.0 an even more solid base for developing powerful web applications. They also lead the way for more incremental changes in the future and should make life easier for anybody who wants to develop tools or other frameworks on top of Seaside.

We will be running a Seaside Sprint here in Brest from Friday afternoon through Saturday and the goal is to get the remaining issues resolved for a first beta release. Please join us if you have the opportunity.

Also announced at ESUG, was the release of the online book Dynamic Web Development with Seaside. It's a great resource: make sure to check it out and contribute comments and content.

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