Monday 12 January 2009

First Sprint of 2009

This weekend, we completed another very successful Seaside sprint here in Konstanz. We polished off all but a few of our targeted issues and made real progress towards the next alpha release.

Among other things, we added the ability to configure the new session cache, removed our dependency on MessageSend, standardized on the ANSI exception handling protocol and made sure we were signaling meaningful errors.

We also got a shiny new Control Panel implemented in OmniBrowser (see image to the right). There will be more features coming in this area.

Lukas was cleaning up the FileLibrary code on the train on the way here but lost most of it when his image suddenly crashed and ended up only 4MB in size.

I still need to look at some package dependency issues and Philippe and Lukas are working on the ability to add cookies during the callback phase and related bugs.

All in all, a very productive two days!


rush said...


OmniBrowser is still not available on all Seaside supported platforms, isin't there a risk that moving ontrol panel to it would make ports more difficult?

Julian Fitzell said...

More difficult than what? This isn't a replacement for the existing web config interface if that's what you mean; it's just a way to facilitate managing your server adaptors (though it will likely grow some additional functionality).

We hope that porters will choose to port the control panel--or implement an equivalent--but there will be alternatives that are strictly cross-platform.

Everything is still be doable from a Workspace (hopefully more easily than in previous versions through the WAAdmin interface) and the web configuration tool isn't going anywhere.