Wednesday, 22 April 2009

Cincom starting work on 2.9

It's been a little while coming but it seems Cincom has begun to take a crack at porting Seaside 2.9. This is excellent news and it sounds like the first push hasn't been too painful, which provides some validation for our portability work. Hopefully this means we'll be able to iron out compatibility issues with VW before going to Beta.


Anonymous said...

And according to this VAST already has support for 2.9:

Julian Fitzell said...

Excellent news. Instantiations has been working on 2.9 for some time but I didn't know the timeline of their release. Incidentally, in case people aren't aware, Gemstone and GNU Smalltalk are also actively working on 2.9 ports.

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Exciting to see Cincom tackling the porting of Seaside 2.9 – a positive step towards enhancing compatibility and pushing for a smooth Beta release. Collaboration in the tech community is key to resolving issues and advancing projects.