Monday 30 March 2009

Russian Continuations

Andrey Larionov just posted a Russian translation of my article on the use of continuations in Seaside. Hopefully it's accurate... I certainly have no idea. :) He says he's going to try to start a series of articles on Seaside so keep an eye out for that if you can read Russian.

In other news, I'll be on vacation in Portugal for the next 10 days, likely without Internet access. I'm hoping the weather will get warmer than currently predicted but as long as the rain holds off I won't complain.


Andrey Larionov said...

Sorry, what don't send link by myself, but i want do it today :)
Post recive enough positive feedback.

Andrey Larionov said...

Also, forgot to say, i omit last sentences directed to Eliot Miranda, cause it community related.