Wednesday, 2 December 2009

New York presentation confirmed

The details for my talk in New York have been confirmed. We'll be at the Suite LLC offices (directions) on Thursday, December 10; there's an open house at 6:30pm and the presentation is at 7:00 (drinks afterwards).

Here's the planned subject of the talk, though I think I'll play it a bit by ear and see what people are interested in:
Seaside is a rare example of software that runs on all the major Smalltalk platforms: Pharo, Gemstone, GNU Smalltalk, Squeak, VA Smalltalk, and VisualWorks. We’ll take a look at some of the challenges in keeping the framework portable and some of the techniques the team has developed to deal with these. Along the way we may also touch on tools such as Grease, Slime, and Monticello and how they help the process. And then we’ll see where the discussion leads.


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Anonymous said...

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